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14 Reasons your Website isn’t Converting Visitors into Engaged users

It’s almost 2020!

And if your website is not converting visitors into engaged users, there’s something wrong with it, right?

Look, I understand.

Converting your website visitors into engaged users is not an easy task at all.

Getting people to buy something, is NOT an easy job.

When I first started my first E-Commerce Shop, I didn’t know the ABCs of selling stuff online and that made me lose TONS of money.

What I didn’t know was that conversion rates don’t magically prop up high.

As Oli Gardner, The Founder of Unbouce said, ‘Conversion optimization is part art (listening to your gut) and part science (listening to the numbers)’.

The reasons for your low conversion rates may be hidden in those numbers and you just might be missing them.

Now, some of the experts of conversion rate optimization, talk about how a 11.45% conversion rate is what the Top 10% websites achieve.

But, I want you to know that don’t beat yourself up if you’re not in the Top 10% or on average zones too.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a slow and steady process that doesn’t happen overnight. By making some simple tweaks and putting in some continuous efforts, you can drastically increase your conversion rates.