14 Reasons your Website isn’t Converting Visitors into Engaged users

It’s almost 2020!

And if your website is not converting visitors into engaged users, there’s something wrong with it, right?

Look, I understand.

Converting your website visitors into engaged users is not an easy task at all.

Getting people to buy something, is NOT an easy job.

When I first started my first E-Commerce Shop, I didn’t know the ABCs of selling stuff online and that made me lose TONS of money.

What I didn’t know was that conversion rates don’t magically prop up high.

As Oli Gardner, The Founder of Unbouce said, ‘Conversion optimization is part art (listening to your gut) and part science (listening to the numbers)’.

The reasons for your low conversion rates may be hidden in those numbers and you just might be missing them.

Now, some of the experts of conversion rate optimization, talk about how a 11.45% conversion rate is what the Top 10% websites achieve.

But, I want you to know that don’t beat yourself up if you’re not in the Top 10% or on average zones too.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a slow and steady process that doesn’t happen overnight. By making some simple tweaks and putting in some continuous efforts, you can drastically increase your conversion rates.

But first, you need to know about what’s missing and what pulling you down!!

You need to focus on the data gathered through your website and know exactly where you’re lagging.

Try to understand this: You may have an awesome content strategy and still, your conversion rate may float down.

It’s maybe because of the communication gap between you and your audience, or maybe because of the ineffective intelligent pop-ups or maybe because of the wrong lead magnet.

But mostly, these reasons are pretty basic and you’re missing them by an inch.

So let’s look at the top 14 reasons of why your website isn't converting visitors into engaged users.

1. The Landing Page of your website is not worth it!

This is probably because you've forgotten the cliche phrase 'First Impression is the Last Impression'.

#Users who land on your page through a paid ad or a content piece deserve more than a slow loading site.

This page HAS to open up quickly and point towards the information the users are looking for. #Your landing page's design is a very important factor to consider if you want to convert visitors into engaged users.

For example, consider these two landing pages.

The second landing page clearly emphasizes more on the offer while the first one is highlighting unnecessary elements.

If there are too many distractions around your offer, users will easily get distracted from the core offer and will eventually, bounce from your website.

#Keep a regular check of your bounce rate, conversion rate metrics and your conversion funnel flow to identify if the users bounce without clicking anything on your landing page.

If this is happening, then a fault in your Landing Page is probably the reason for your visitors remaining as visitors and not converting into engaged users.

2. You don't have an Effective Copy.

This is the meat of your Landing Page.

If your Copy ain't exciting and persuasive, don't expect your conversion rates to get any better.

#Being personable, focusing on the reader and not the product, using fear as motivation are some of the principles of copy according to Drypen, that always works!

#Persuasion and convincing are the two major pillars of copy-writing. You need to use some explicit set of words that almost always work like mentioned in Buffer.

#Storytelling has become an important part of a tempting copy.

As Russel Brunson says this, you need to create an Attractive Character and weave a storyline around that.

You could use a 'Before and After' Story or a 'Secret-Revealing' Story, but it should make the reader feel for your story. Here are some great formats for a solid story.

#Don't abandon the focus from the user in order to highlight the product.

I'm not asking you to not talk about the product at all. Instead, talk about how the user will be effected after they use your product.

All in all, writing copies that convert is not a very big deal, but you need to follow some calculated steps like mentioned by Optinmonster.

3. Your CTA is not NAILING it!!!

Imagine a perfect copy and a solid design complimenting it, and then coming to an unrelatable CTA that makes no sense at all.

Ask yourself this question a 1000 times, 'Is this CTA convincing enough to click on?' #Check whether your Headline and CTA go in-line with each other.

Optimizing your CTA so that it serves your lead magnet and it's headline, is a must for increasing your conversion rate.

Look below to see a confusing and a clear CTA.

The first headline and CTA are miles away from relating to each other whereas the second headline and it's CTA make a lot of sense.

#Clarity and visibility of the button are one of the key elements of an awesome CTA.

Make sure your CTA is clearly visible and doesn't merge with the background.

For example, look at the graphics below.