Are you a UI UX designer, UX researcher, tech manager or a web designer? Then you must work on a lot of UX projects in your life.


Those projects may involve research, user research, product story, journey mapping and other ways to know more about your users' and the stakeholder's needs and desires.

Then you go on to draw some rough wireframes to come up with the best possible solutions. You may then draw some better wireframes to share with other team members.

Well, the #UXnotebook, helps you do all of the above. You can take down your research, user personas, marketing copy ideas all in the UX documentation pages.


This is followed by mobile wireframe pages with long scroll and one-page templates ready to use. Desktop wireframes come right next. Then at the last, you have whiteboard pages where you can use your regular whiteboard-markers and erase it easy. You can use it for rapid brainstorming.


Don't already know how to go about designing million-dollar products? #UXnotebook has that too.

While working with over 45 models across the globe including Google, Microsoft, Wittyfeed, Alibaba, CoinDCX. We created a UX design framework that we could quickly use for each product and still generate millions of dollars for the product.

We trained UX teams in the same framework for corporates in India and us.

But now, we have bought the same framework of designing products for all of you in this Notebook. This starts with the story of its creation followed by the #secret UX design framework "Pirates of Product".


Only few of the UX Notebooks are left. Order Now. You'll love it. 

UX Notebook | UI Design & UX Research Documentation Notebook | Mobile & Desktop

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