Do you feel the lack of space during your design sprints? 

Do you ever feel the need for bigger and thicker sheets which you can stick on your wall and explore your interfaces and prototype on them for as long as you want? 

As a UI/UX Designer, you need to have space in front of you, to map out all your ideas and ideate your rough design at the same time. 


During design sprints, designers work in groups and congregate together to make an awesome product. The Wireframing Sheets cater to your design sprint as well as solo designing needs in a perfect manner. The pack consists of 10 A2 Size (42cm*59.4cm) Wireframing Sheets of 130 GSM Thickness. The front side has 10 Big Sized Mobile Chassis printed upon them for interface ideation and the backside is a Dot-Grid surface for rapid brainstorming and prototyping. They are custom-designed for you to work in pairs or groups and pour down your ideas on the thick wireframing sheets.


Large Wireframing Sheets for UI/UX Designers | 10 Mobile Chassis+DotGrid

₹600.00 Regular Price
₹350.00Sale Price
  • 10 A2 Size (42cm*59.4cm) Sheets of PREMIUM QUALITY 130 GSM Thickness

    • Best Tool for Wireframing and Hustling during a Design Sprint.
    • Features: 10 A2 Size (42cm*59.4cm) Sheets of 130 GSM Thickness for Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Front Size has 10 Big Mobile Chassis for your Interface Design.
    • Back Side has Dot-Grid all over it for quick ideation process.
    • Most Ideal Tool to work in Pairs or Triplets during design sprints. Packaged with cardboard to provide support to the sheets and protect them for damages.