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Apple News — a usability case study

Apple News — a usability case study

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Sally Chen Zhen

To read or not read…the news
A year ago, I became an avid news reader when I decided to delete all my social media apps on my phone. In the beginning, it felt quite freeing. But, suddenly after a week or so, at this point I was craving to read and check updates about something, ANYTHING. Since I couldn’t see updates on what my friends and other people (I didn’t know) were doing anymore, I decided to check out what was going around the world. That’s when I decided to open the Apple News app for the first time since I bought my iPhone three years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I did read the news (…headlines), but only two or three times a week on my computer. But, now ever since I started using the app, I read the news (full stories!) every day. But, the constant influx of information and stories can be quite overwhelming.

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