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Building Zomato Gold

Building Zomato Gold

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Charu Choudha & Kanika Vasudeva

Building Zomato Gold ✨— Design process, challenges & learnings from designing a subscription plan
In the last eight months, Zomato Gold has sold more than 200,000+ memberships (and growing very rapidly). This is the most successful subscription service ever built at Zomato, and it’s only growing in numbers and revenue.
Why Zomato Gold? ✨
Zomato is a food search and discovery platform that’s been around for the last 10 years. It is used by millions every day to decide where to eat across 24 countries. In 2017 Zomato wanted to capture more of the Dine-out market for which we designed a membership program. We wanted to provide a premium experience when people dine-out. For restaurants, we wanted to increase loyalty and customer retention.
“To get a consumer excited, you have to offer something they’re not expecting and subscriptions are an ideal instrument for surprise.”...

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