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Designing a decentralized incentive userfeed network

Designing a decentralized incentive userfeed network

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Agnieszka Zimolag

Allocate your attention more effectively. Get the real value out of the information.
The way we interact on the internet is very hectic at this moment. We are connected to many types of services and it is up to us to get the real value of the content that we are consuming. Most likely we need to search for that value because it is hidden from us among many disturbing factors created by third parties trying to get our attention and offer something to us. Usually what we see is not even connected from what type of profile we are browsing from. It is not related to the content we are interested in. It is purely designed for the profit of the third parties. Meaning our attention is taken away from us instead of being focused on what we actually want. It is about the time to start thinking about the information we consume, how it is structured and interconnected, in a new way and this is why I have created a concept for the dApp called Blockfeed. I would like to share with you the process that led me towards designing an interface for it.

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