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How Dropbox redesigned their mobile experience for rapid work

How Dropbox redesigned their mobile experience for rapid work

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Ed Chao

Fostering focus for small screens
How we redesigned Dropbox mobile for rapid work
Think about what it’s like to do work on your phone. Your attention is fragmented. Your chubby thumbs keep hitting the wrong letters. Often times, you just want to get back to real life, whether that’s sitting down to dinner with your partner or picking up a conversation with your gregarious lunch buddy.
If you start with that vision, the solutions you come up with for mobile work become rather unique. You’re no longer designing to extend engagement or keep customers in the app. Rather, you’re helping people get in and out and done. You’re zoning in on the problem of focus and empowering customers to get the most out of that little moment on a small screen. You’re designing for rapid work.
Over the past year, we’ve revisited our mobile experiences with rapid work in mind. Here are a few things that we’ve done to make our customers more productive AND more present for their gregarious lunch buddies. We hope it’s a help and an encouragement for others who might be looking to do the same...

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