Wireframing Notebook for UI UX Designers. Single-Mobile UI Notebook with Dot Grid for Desktop Wireframing. 

Are you tired of carrying around rough sheets of paper in your design room, or heavy notebooks just for quick wireframing? 

Do you wonder if there was a product which could allow you to pour out your interface ideas when where you wanted? 


Being a UX Designer is like being a policymaker. Ideas can come to you anytime, anywhere and will get lost if you don't pen them down immediately. 

This Wireframe Notebook allows you to pen down your designs on the Single-Mobile Chassis Sheets and also lets you do rough prototyping on the Dot Grid Sheets at the back of the Chassis. 

This notebook includes:

40 Sheets of Single Mobile Chassis (75 GSM) and 

Dot Grid Pages on the backside (See images). 


The notebook is so light that you can literally carry it anywhere and pen down your interface mock-ups whenever you want. It is handy and very easy to carry and will fit into a bag of any size. It can be considered, as a UI/UX Designer's best friend.



UI Wireframing Notebook Single-Mobile UI Pages + Dot-Grid (Exercise Notebook)

₹300.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
  • A5 Size (5.8 x 8.3 in)

    Black Colour

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